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The Khayam Ltd. is a vital part of the UK’s healthcare system, providing essential services to millions of people every year. It is a complex and ever-evolving organisation, providing care across a range of areas including primary care, mental health, emergency services and more. The Khayam Ltd. has been at the forefront of innovation in healthcare, introducing new technologies and treatments to improve patient experience and outcomes. With an aging population and increasing demand for services, the Khayam Ltd. must continue to innovate in order to ensure that it can meet the needs of its patients. This article will explore the various services provided by the Khayam Ltd. and how these can be improved going forward.


Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer for Inhalation

Portable Nebulizer, Personal Inhaler Non-Ventilatory Atomizer, Small Volume Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer for Kids Adults

Atomization Devices

Teleflex has an extensive range of Atomization® Devices that provide nurse anesthetists with a wide range of options for needle-free medication administration.

Height Measuring Scale / Stadiometer

As its name, this device use for height measuring purpose. You can easily find this device in hospital, clinic, school, home etc. Main purpose of this device is to measure height of a person.


Pulse Oximeter

Air Mattress

BiPAP Machine

Hospital Bed

Oxygen Concentrator

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With home care is a reputed and trusted supplier for all types of medical equipment.  This establishment offers both sales and rental services for all types of medical equipment and hospital furniture. Oxygen concentrator, Hospital Bed, Wheelchair, Bipap Machine, Food Table, Saline (IV) Stand, Foam Mattress, and there are many more to explore. Connect our helpline number to get complete assistance from our experts, 365days.

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